Vision Board to Journal Writing

Vision Boards offer our mind a collection of images to dream about, to breathe in and be passionate about. Once a Vision Board is done, it is posted on the wall for easy and frequent viewing.  This self-discovery and growth tool is very easy to create and work with. It also offers incredible results.

Journal writing on the other hand, although a tremendously powerful tool in different regards, may not be as simple to everyone. Some challenges include writer’s block, not knowing where to start, not sticking to writing often, not having time to write or not getting immediate gratification for writing.  These reasons may be strong enough for anyone to give up.

As a person who highly recommends Journal Writing, I encourage all my readers to give it a try and form a habit with the 21 day rule.  If any of the challenges mentioned above cause a problem, I suggest using the Vision Board as a source of inspiration and motivation.

The way to do this is to sit in front of your Vision Board, pick one of the subjects or images and think about what it meant to you when you pasted it. Now in your Journal, write today’s date and a header that best describes that image/subject.

Now write about what this image means to you. What is the goal you want to reach, why do you want that so much in your life, how do you expect to reach it? Are these questions enough to have you fill at least a page?

Sometimes, you may know what the subject is, you may know what you want, but not really why you want it. Why is this goal going to make such a great difference in my life? Is it really going to be beneficial for me? How is it going to affect my family and friends, my environment?

Sometimes, you may be stuck at figuring out how you will be able to reach this goal. This is a topic that may take quite a few Journal Writing days before you come up with a first solution to try.

As you keep writing, always getting inspiration from the image you picked on your Vision Board, thoughts will come out, deep feelings will surface and you will be able to deal with them in writing. What you write is always made real through the words set in ink!  The inspiration from the Vision Board will make your pen (or fingers on the computer) flow. In no time will you be able to form your great new habit!

From image to image, you will have lots to write about, many new discoveries along the way and you will make your way to reaching your goals one by one.  Simple tools like these are well worth the exercise! Try it!


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