Vision Board Programs to Set Goals too!

Technology now allows us to do so much, so easily. Unlike my father who sometimes thinks it’s magic, I am from the newer generation that has gotten used to the idea that technology significantly facilitates our work.  Nevertheless, once in a while I fall upon a program that makes me say: “Wow, someone thought of that??”

There are Internet based tools and programs to tackle practically every task out there. Some are sold, some are free and some are what are called freemiums, where you get the basic version for free and you can upgrade for a fee. Depending on what you want to get done, I think all three have their merits and sometimes the most basic programs will be great for your application.

To make the story short… I had no idea digital Vision Boards existed. Researching for my articles made me look further into the different applications and tools available online.One of the programs I came across is StepOne Vision Boards. I liked some of the samples they showed and signed up for the free trial. For a computer savvy beginner, it’s worth a peek inside for a new way of creating Vision Boards.

The StepOneVision Board is like a slideshow, very easy to create online, complete with effects, text and music. You can also have a print version. Although I love the hands-on arts and crafts feel of creating my Vision Board every year, what I liked about this program is that it links goals to the images you place on your digital board and you can go back as often as you’d like to mark your goals as achieved or modify any of the features you have attached to the goal.  It brings in the element of “action” through goals in the creation of your Vision Board, while keeping it very user friendly. The trial period allows you to check it out and decide if this is for you.

For the more advanced computer users, and those who would like to keep better track of their progress, goals, tasks and time, there is another great program worth its monthly fee of only 5$/month.  It is primarily a goal setting program but it also has a very nice Vision Board application, also in the form of a slide-show. This is definitely a more detailed action-based application and it might be just what you need to keep you on track! It includes task management, help in habit forming, journaling, reporting and of course Vision Board creation.  I may actually give this a try to see if I can stick to always reporting back to my computer to add the pertinent information daily.  For now, I have my agenda/journal…

Whichever system you use, you have to see what is best suited for your personality and likes. There are probably dozens of other applications out there, some great some mediocre. I chose to pick out two of them for the purpose of this discussion, two that I deemed worthy of my recommendation.  I may be more inclined to use the old fashioned manual Vision Board creation technique, but these tools may be just what you need to support you through your journey.

Please send me comments of your recommendations of other sites, your feedback on these sites or any other suggestion pertaining to online Vision Board creation.  These ideas will help many other readers find what will work for them!


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