Vision Board Party Anyone?

Want an excuse to invite your friends for a party? Why not create an atmosphere of relaxation, fun, creating and sharing and invite your friends to a Vision Board Party!

What do you do at a Vision Board Party?
That’s easy! You make Vision Boards! You make sure to have enough space for everyone to be working on their boards, you provide a soothing atmosphere with music of your choice, maybe a little bit of wine to relax, encourage lots of chit-chatting and having fun.

What materials will you need?
You can provide the materials for your group or ask your friends to bring all or part of the materials you will need to create your Vision Boards. You will need bristle boards, scissors, glue sticks, pens, markers and a bunch of magazines or pictures that can be cut and pasted. If you have access to a computer and printer, your friends can also do some online searches on the spot and print the photos they would like to add to their board.  You will basically do the boards as a group the same way you would do it on your own.

Creating Vision Boards while socializing with your friends makes the project very enjoyable for everyone. You can chat about what you are cutting and pasting, you can discuss your goals and give each other advice… This type of party allows you to share your thoughts and learn so much about your friends!  What I enjoy at the end is having a presentation session where everyone says a few words to talk about what their Vision Board represents.  It brings a very nice close to the party!

So next time you want to call your friends over to your place for a special get-together… plan a Vision Board party and Have Fun!!

There are many articles available on about Vision Boards. Go to the Vision Boards Guide for all the info.  To start working on your own Vision Board, on your own, with your spouse, children, friends, students or co-workers, go to the Vision Boards’ Take5 to Take Action Promotion page.


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