Using Motivation to support your will to succeed

In setting any Goal, particularly New Year Resolutions, you must start with at least some motivation right? Otherwise, why would you choose that Goal for yourself?

The Motivation that pushes you to want and start on the Path will take you near or far, depending on how strong it is. This is basically your willpower. It is your willingness to continue on this adventure you embarked on, to go through the difficulties that may arise along the way. This is why some people succeed, some go quite a long way before they decide to take another route, and some others just drop the whole thing within a few days.

Today, I share with you a brilliant suggestion by a Coach friend Roy Naim. In this video, he talks about creating NEW Motivation to increase your chances of success. His project is health/diet related, but the concept can be used for any goal. Watch the video and continue reading below.

So what do you think? My opinion is that this tip is TOP NOTCH for all diet goals!! Not only for weight loss, but for better health as well.

Here is how I relate it to any other type of Goal – I have always encouraged using Excitement as a motivator in TNHMe, for all types of projects. It is a very positive, uplifting and energizing type of Motivation to keep going on a Path to Goal achievement. But sometimes, we need a different type of motivator. When we face more difficult challenges and we are ready to give up, we need to boost willpower into nitro mode. We do this by visiting the dark side of the mountain we don’t want our Journey to land on…

I was giving this example to a friend a few days ago: Let’s say you have a Goal and you are facing some challenges. You are ready to drop the whole project. Stop and think of what will happen if you drop the project. How upset will you be? How will it affect you in the present? How will the affect on you then affect others around you? Now see yourself in 2 years, 5 years, how bad does it get then? In 10 years?

Try the exercise and it will surprise you. Usually projects are Goals we really want to achieve for a better life in the future. Going to school, starting a small business, changing career paths, etc. The thought of not achieving the Goal is devastating. Pushing the thought to 2-5-10 years, becomes an image like the maggots in the cake. It is so repulsive, so very scary and painful, that you will decide to face the challenge instead. It is very powerful in motivating you, giving you that amazing boost to continue when the going gets tough!

Let’s thank Roy for his amazing advice!! You can find him on the facebook fanpage



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One Response to “Using Motivation to support your will to succeed”

  1. Roy Naim says:

    Thank you so much Carmen for posting my video.

    And you are right, this concept can be done with ANY goals.

    You see, a lot of times people stumble because the motivation is just not strong enough. The WHY Factor if you may call it.

    A gun to one’s head is a WHY. Each of us must find our own gun to our head to do what it is that we want to do.

    I mean, back to health related issues, often it is those who get the final notice from the doctor that if you don’t lose weight now, I am putting you on…That alone scares people, that is the gun.

    And yes, often, people will do more to avoid pain than to gain pleasure. SO the best is to find what you are avoiding and what one is trying to gain.

    Thanks again! Rock On!


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