Using friends to complete your Statement

When you are creating your Statement, you are looking at where you are Today and where you want to be Tomorrow.  This Statement is very important because it will determine what you are starting with and what you will need to work on to get to point B, your destination on the path to Happiness.

We have looked at different ways of analyzing the situation to have as accurate a Statement as possible. Using your Mirror to take a good look at yourself is one way to determine where you are Today.  Checking out photo albums to see when you were happiest (or to see what events to avoid for less desirable paths) is a complementary exercise to see what you could or should be looking at as goals for your future. Using your Journal to write about it all is of course the best tool of all.

(If you have missed the articles on these topics, don’t hesitate to do a search (top right); there is so much information in TheNewHappyMe available for you to read)

Friends are also another resource to tap into when you are on your path to Happiness. In different ways and for various reasons, friends will influence your decisions, your actions and your overall direction. They may or may not lead to Happiness and this is why you should pay particular attention to your relationships.

In the next few days I will tackle the topic of friendships in all its facets (as much as I can dissect it!). In the meantime, take out your Journal and make note of all your friendships over time, the good periods and the bad ones. See how they affected you then, and how your relationships affect you now.

The path to Happiness can sometimes be difficult. I know I have pushed you a lot lately… Take the time today to rest, refuel and think about this new theme.


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4 Responses to “Using friends to complete your Statement”

  1. Sa says:

    Hey there
    Thanks again for an interesting post. Your comment on friends really got me on a roll!
    Could I perhaps share my own experiences of friendships?
    There are friends you can be offbeat and zany with.
    Then there are the ones you usually have deep serious discussions with.
    Next, there are the ones who grab your heart because they need so much support, and you really don’t mind letting them lean on you for a while. They might be around for years, but eventually they are strong enough to stand alone and you can let go, with joy, knowing that they are moving on into new found freedom and life.
    Then there are the ‘seasonal’ friends who might be in your life for some time, even years. But it really is ‘only a season’ and one day you both go your separate ways, because that is the right thing to do.
    Then there are the precious, dearest, ones. The ones that are closer than a sister. The ones you laugh with, cry with, argue with, share everything with. They stick with you through EVERYTHING. They are totally faithful, and love you unconditionally. They never judge you, but they tell you the truth. Always. They are so deep in your heart and stay there for all of your life. These are the friends that you have had the privilege to get to know, and love, and trust.
    Last but not least, there are the most precious ones of all – the ones who are no longer on this earth. They are even deeper in your heart because you never, ever forget them. Memories bring you happiness, as well as the pain of loss. They are the ones you have had honour of sharing your life with, and you will always love them, for love never dies.

    • Carmen Marie says:

      Dear Sa, Thank you very much for taking the time to share your experience with Friendship. You sound like such a giving and caring person! My view on these issues are very objective and sometimes even cold considering such an intimate topic. I have had both good and bad experiences with Friendships and as a result, I take time to trust and open my heart. I want to address all these issues in my posts. Please continue writing your comments. They are more than welcome!

      • Sa says:

        Hey there
        Yes, I have also had some bad experiences with friends. There was one who betrayed my trust and I had to severe the relationship. I had been close to her for many years, but found out that confidences had been spread around like gossip and it really hurt because, personally, I would never ever divulge anything that was entrusted to me. She could not see that she had been wrong and was surprised that I was hurt at her blase attitude. I let go for a long time and even when I met up with her again, I realised that she had not changed, so I do not regret ending the relationship.
        However, my close friendships normally last a lifetime and I have very few of them, but am very grateful for them. We genuinely care about each other’s welfare and look out for each other – and I believe that is the essence of friendship.

        • Carmen Marie says:

          Friendship does indeed have to lie on a solid foundation and you seem to have that with your lifetime friends.

          It is indeed sad to be betrayed or to lose trust in someone who you thought to be a Friend. But ultimately, it is all about experiences, and each of these Friends also brings you a lesson to learn from. On your path, you will have the boosters and the drainers in your Friends. It is up to you to sift and take from each what will benefit you on your path. (Giving will also benefit you, so it does go both ways). Ultimately, it is up to you to decide what to do with your Friendships! :)

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