Understanding the Energy that affects you daily.

When you are evaluating your current situation, looking for the areas in your life that need transformation, you soon realize that what you are trying to change is the type of Energy that affects you daily.

Positive Energy will uplift you. You will feel lighter, more confident, smiling, content. You want to keep and expand on these Energies. Imagine a bright blue sky, how energizing it feels to soak in the warmth of the sun…

Negative Energy will tire you. You will feel heavy, sad, angry, upset, sick, sometimes without even knowing why. Figuring out the source of this type of Energy may be difficult but it is crucial. Understanding the dynamics of negative Energies as they affect you daily, will give you great insight into what areas of your life you need to create change in. This is the ideal focus for your New Year’s Resolutions!

The range of emotions can go from very mild to extreme, on either side of the spectrum. It is easy to underestimate to power of Energies that surround us.

The Energy from a simple smile can have amazing affects on your day. It ripples into so much more too.

On the other hand, I just heard that apparently strokes and heart attacks are most common on Sunday night/Monday morning. Why do you think that is? Subjecting yourself to a job you hate… it is unbelievable how this negative Energy plays on you, how powerful and lethal it could be. Changing it could be life saving!

I hope these examples alone have convinced you that working on understanding the Energy that affects you daily is an exercise you must consider. I will give you ideas on how to evaluate the energies around you tomorrow.

For now, start with a simple exercise of visualization, using all your senses. Think of your day and go through every step that you take, who and what you see, what you hear, what you smell and touch, what you do and with who you do it. Feel every moment completely and take note of your emotions. How do you feel? Good, light, happy, or upset, cringing, sick. You will need the memory of these emotions to start working on making meaningful changes to your life!


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