Trial and error – Success and failure

My commitment to my path obliges me to accept all the ups and downs that come with the Journey.

Of course, since I hope to have more ups than downs, I try to be pro-active in calculating my steps, reducing risk and preventing falls as much as possible.  One has to play smart to not fall flat on one’s face!

Yet my goals do require some trial and error. I may not have all the information I need all the time, nor do I carry a crystal ball to know exactly what will work, how and when. In order to move forward, I will have to try some parts of my plan and wait to see if they result in success or failure.

Trial and error offers us an opportunity to learn. As such, I consider it part of the growth process on my path and a positive aspect of sticking to my commitment.

I believe I can also minimize the risk in trial and error by taking baby steps and working one task at a time on my goal achievement plan. This in turn reduces the negative impact of trying new things that may not work out well. Of course, taking baby steps is also helpful in getting me to expand my comfort zone. If I make an error, the mistake won’t cost me so much after all.

Therefore my small failures are always negligible and help to build my know-how as I advance on my path. This is of great value to me and to others I may be able to help in the future.

As for my successes, I rejoice in all of them, celebrating equally for each step forward!

So I may not have a crystal ball, but frankly, I don’t think I need one. Trial and error works fine for me as I congratulate myself for each step.

My word of advice: Start by committing to your path. Embrace trial and error as your ticket to successful steps forward and empowering failures and see how happy you will be with your progress!  No need for a crystal ball!


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