Tough decisions on our path

Sometimes, difficult times call for even tougher decisions. In our career or business paths, this is a normal part of learning and growing.

Crossroads - Warsaw, Mazowieckie

Over the years, I have learned to embrace the crossroad opportunities. Yes they do indeed cause a bit of turmoil, lots of discussions, some grief and sleepless nights, but they open a chance to see other paths, some that may not have been available to me before.

These decisions are often difficult and not too obvious. The wider easier path may not always be the right one for me. The smaller rougher road may offer a chance of a lifetime. I may prefer the Jeep Renegade offroad to the comfortable sedan roadtrip. No matter the condition of the paths ahead, there is some thinking to do before moving forward. Of course, the support of friends comes in handy.

Looking far into the opportunities that each option offers, I shed better light on the situation. It doesn’t necessarily make the decision easier, but I can visualize the wider picture. It reassures me to know that I have looked beyond my nose, that I am not acting on impulse, that I have thought of short, mid and long term options and that, even if the path takes surprise turns, I can still adjust my plans.

My decisions may cause discomfort in others or even in me. There is always risk of making mistakes too. Ultimately, the idea is to think of the crossroads as a way to open my eyes to paths never before considered, or to give me a chance to set-off on a road previously unavailable to me. I don’t suggest a leap of faith, but contemplating new possibilities in decisions ahead may very well open a wonderful range of exciting opportunities.

So in your own decisions and in support of a friend who is in the midst of decision making, try to see the new opportunities that are offered through the crossroads. This step alone will change the dynamics and will help clarify the issues a great deal. Then, whatever the decision may be, know that the path is not set in concrete; other curves will not doubt present themselves as will countless other doors of opportunity.


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