Too many Ideas, no Decision, no Commitment, no Action.

When things go wrong, things go wrong. When life is a mess, everything looks overwhelmingly messy.

[lizzy.jpg]When we have our UnHappy glasses on, we tend to focus on all the situations that are wearing us down. We complain, we vent, we isolate ourselves, we think and re-think, we analyze and eternalize the painful or frustrating emotions.

In this state of my mind, when we finally stop to take a step back and start from scratch on a positive note,  we get a rush of Ideas to solve the problematic areas in our lives. The list may be long, some points interconnected, some huge, some small, some obvious (others will be omitted…) some priority, some not.

Whether the list is in our head or on paper, it will be overwhelming to try to pay attention to each one of the enumerated points. This feeling can easily lead to dropping everything and sticking to the familiar rut.

Instead, if I persuade myself that the work I need to put into getting through this overwhelming list of Ideas is actually more comfortable than staying in this state of discontent, I can start tackling the list.

The feeling of overwhelm will soon dissipate when I take the list and reorganize it.

  • Which Ideas are interconnected? I link them together under a new heading.
  • Which Ideas are huge and could be cut down to bite size? I identify them as such.
  • Which Ideas are small and very easily taken care of in the short term?
  • Which Ideas are of crucial importance and need urgent attention?
  • Are there any Ideas that I didn’t put down because I don’t want to see them on my list? (Be honest)

Having categorized my Ideas in this way, I can look at, for example, the most urgent and the easiest ones to start with.  The most urgent ones obviously need your attention because they are important for you to take care of. The easiest ones are the best motivators; as you check them done, you feel better about your forward movement and get ready to tackle more.

In choosing your priority Ideas, remember that issues concerning you personally, your health, physical or mental, have to come first. You cannot move on to other Ideas, such as related to relationships, if you yourself are not happy or comfortable with your present personal situation. So you can leave those other Ideas aside for now. This will make your list less overwhelming for the time being.

I recommend starting with just one Idea to move to your Decision and Commitment. Just one step at a time, you can start Taking Action.



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