To try or not to try…

That is the question… Unless you’re jumping off a cliff without appropriate gear!!  

My answer: See what you will regret by not trying and if that really upsets you, then go ahead and try.

I am talking about trying something new in your life to reach a goal that has been on your mind. TheNewHappyMe was a “try” for me, to open the door to my life dream. I had no clue what to expect of it, but I knew that status quo was not acceptable for me. So I gave it a try, and boy am I glad I did!

When you try something new, you accept that you will be moving forward towards an unknown future. You also accept that by not trying you would be forfeiting the opportunities it could potentially offer you. The outcome may or may not be amazing, it may or may not open new doors, it may or may not be the right direction for you, but unless you try the project you will never know.  If it’s not the right path, then trying it will allow you to change for better, therefore it can only be a winning situation for you (and possibly for many others around you).

Trying must of course come with some preparation. Knowing in detail what you are trying, identifying the potential risks and deciding that these risks are negligeable next to the potential outcomes are like looking down a cliff and preparing for a safe descent. Risks are inherent to trying and the cliff will still present danger, but the adequate preparation will allow me to make sure I don’t get hurt. (This does not include wrapping myself in bubble wrap! Some logic required and overprotectiveness may lead to inaction. Properly bubble wrapping yourself is not easy!)

The past few years have been filled with opportunities to try for me and I have jumped on many of them. Most have been incredible moves and somenot so much but the overall experience has been an amazing adventure. Today I am trying something new for TheNewHappyMe and I will hopefully be able to present it shortly. I don’t know what to expect of it yet but I am very excited about the project which in itself is such a boost. The idea came to me while on vacation and since I had the tools I needed without the need for extra investment, I just went ahead with it. A few tweaks are needed now to get the technical side ready but I am happy to give this new direction a try.  I’m going by the Read, Fire, Aim concept.

Is there a project you are eager to try? What is it?  Are you stalled or are you indefinitely preparing to start without ever taking that step? Look into trying. Take your journal and write down all the reasons to just take that step. Write down all the bad things that can happen and see how you can eliminate them by finding prevention or resolution to appease your self in this exercise.

Don’t be shy to ask yourself the question: To try or not to try. But follow it with your thoughts… you might have a lot of writing to do but it will be worth it if the outcome is to try something new, exciting and wonderful in your life.


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