To inspire, to motivate, to support on your Path to Happiness

TheNewHappyMe project has become a source of inspiration and motivation to many readers worldwide. This makes me incredibly happy and proud. My mission is to help readers make changes in their life to support them on their Path to Happiness, therefore to inspire and to motivate are definitely two very powerful action elements for success. This is GOOD. Very GOOD!

I have noticed however that, for some of us, fear, for one, is a huge stumble block. This type of challenge sometimes prevents us as readers, from taking full benefit of the inspirational and motivational value of anything that comes our way. We instead look for a hand to hold us through the difficulties, to guide us and lead us all the way to the ultimate goal.

Support can come in many forms. Friends, parents or family members, a coach or mentor and TheNewHappyMe as a source of information, will support readers through their endeavors, successes and challenges. They will not be of service though by holding hands. That is not the right type of support.

A Friend and/or coach will do best by supporting you through the right questions, non judgmental feedback, suggestions, referrals, always standing in a completely neutral and objective zone. You are the only person who knows exactly what is best for you, what you need or want to do, what should be your next step. You are the one who will make the Decisions. Following this statement, as scary as the responsibility it relays may be, the fact remains: YOU are the one who will decide for you.

As you find inspiration and motivation through articles, experiences, from friends, a coach or mentor, you will learn to integrate the same emotions within. You will find motivation in your own attitudes and actions to continue on your Path. You will appreciate good support and you will learn a lot from the experiences. You will move forward on your Path making Decisions for each step you take. Success and challenge will simply be part of your Journey and that will be just fine!


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