To feel what it will be like to reach your goal…

In a recent coaching session, my coach asked me: “Do you have a clear picture of what it will be like once you get there?”

Hmmmmm. Not sure. She got me!

I had (and still have) a very general idea of what it will be like to have my business; more time for my family (as I schedule my own work agenda), a concept of what a healthy routine might feel like including exercise, walks, less stress without rush hour traffic, working out of an office near home, doing work that I truly enjoy, that I have dreamt of for ages…

But that’s not enough to visualize my outcome. Let me explain what REAL visualization is all about.

I’ve known it all along and I have written about it, but something had been holding me back from REALLY creating that vision.

Just as I have mentioned throughout the Vision Boards theme (25 articles in January 2011), visualizing what you want to achieve is key to working your way to it. I have always used this method for small goals or steps towards a larger objective. I also use it for random goals such as wanting to go away on vacation. It works very well when you use ALL your senses to visualize the outcome.

I remember wanting to take some time off last spring. I really needed to get away and I loved the idea of going to a beach destination, all-inclusive resort. I didn’t think about timing or budget at first, I just created the image of actually being there in my mind.  I lied down in my bed every night, just as I would lie down on a lounge chair at the beach, my pillows propped up slightly to mimic the slant of the blue resin seats. I closed my eyes and I saw the kids through my sunglasses, jumping in the water, splashing and having fun. I felt the heat of the scorching hot sun on my skin as I laid down my book at the edge of the chair near my feet to take out my sunscreen bottle. It smelled so coconutty. I heard the Caribbean music playing in the background. I drank an ice cold mojito and I felt the gentle cooling breeze on my sweaty skin… I was there!!!

From visualizing to researching online, to booking (and getting creative with my budget!) and flying south with my kids, I couldn’t believe how fast it all happened. I had set my mind to making this goal come true and it did! My mind allowed me to make it happen. The experience at the beach was EXACTLY as I had imagined it!

There is really nothing different about reaching bigger goals… Visualizing exactly what the outcome will look like once I am there is very similar to imagining myself on the beach. I have to add though, that for bigger goals, it takes visualizing as if there is absolutely nothing standing in your way of making the dream come true. (That’s where I was stalling… and that will be addressed in the next article!)

So what will you be visualizing today?




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