Thinking Outside the Box

I was honoured to be part of a select group of guests at a special seminar for members of the Canadian non-profit sector, hosted by Pfizer Canada, leader in the pharma industry.

What made me proud most of all is to be associated with a company and individuals who take people at heart. They are not all about the blue pill… they give back… they give back to the community in various innovative ways without expecting financial returns from their initiatives.  Check out for example, as one of their very successful projects. Of course it includes the Pfizer name as the creator of this website and as such promotes the company image, but nothing on this site promotes their products… It’s all about more than medication for better health! They are thinking outside the box and it’s working… it’s working to help our community live better and healthier lives. 

My introduction to came with the Be Brave campaign. Click on the title and watch the video. You will be touched by the intensity of the message. The video was used as a viral campaign and a large corporate donation was made from Pfizer to Starlight Children’s Foundation. The idea was beyond innovative back then and extremely powerful in spreading awareness at different levels. The campaign was so successful in a short period of time, it made many people very very happy. The heartwarming feeling we all got from it was truly inspirational.

I wanted to reserve a short page to talk about Pfizer Canada and the commitment of such companies to their community because it is truly commendable. We too often hear rumors that spread negative messages about certain corporations, especially pharmaceuticals and businesses that have high revenue streams. We cannot generalize though, as some do stand out in their commitment to think outside the box for the betterment of our communities.

Congrats to the Pfizer Canada Team for their amazing work!


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