The typical excuse: I don’t have willpower

Roy’s video and yesterday’s article about how Motivation will help succeed in the achievement of Goals, more-so than willpower alone, got me thinking. I wanted to take one more article space to continue on the topic.

I hear all too often: “Ya but you have discipline and willpower, I don’t.” and I don’t like hearing that. Yes I do have discipline and I do have the will to continue even when the going gets tough, but I also go through periods of uncertainty, I face fears and challenges, just like everyone else. So how do I do it to tackle those difficult moments, and why would others not be able to?

Roy’s video answered that for me. It IS Motivation!

There are two major examples I can give from my recent experiences. My diet and TheNewHappyMe as a business journey.

My Diet – The Journey of a diet is possibly the most popular adventure people embark on, usually following trends of the day, and more often then not, failing. The culprit: lack of willpower to stick to the diet.

As I explained in my article on November 27th about my Diet Journey,  I finally chose to stick to the Gluten-Free diet. It is indeed a very difficult one. It does require a lot of will-power and discipline. But Roy is right in saying that Motivation plays a huge role in helping to stick to a diet… My Motivation is not wanting to get sick. If I eat that amazing cheesecake, or that juicy pizza, I’ll be fainting from kidney pains. Not too pleasant. I experienced it once when a restaurant served me pancakes that were supposedly of buckwheat flour. I didn’t know they mixed in wheat flour. I was alone at the office, on a weekend, when I rushed to the washroom and started feeling faint, locked in a stall… Needless to say, I never want to experience that again!! That is motivation enough for me to be disciplined and to stick to my strict diet, no matter how amazing the cake or pizza looks!

My Business adventure – As you may know, TNHMe started in on 10-10-2010 as a hobby. It was therapeutic for me to write. Soon enough though I realized that there was some business opportunity to be looked into. Readers loved the site and I had something to offer. Again it takes discipline to stick to this commitment. It is very easy to stray on a day when I feel more tired, when I am stuck for ideas… But then I have my Motivations to continue. Yes there are a few.

Accountability has created Motivation for me. I use Accountability on purpose to push my Motivation to a higher level. I registered for Post a Day on WordPress and committed to writing a post a day for a year. I make myself accountable on facebook for my next steps. I have a coach I make myself accountable to as well. I don’t want to deceive anyone, so I remain disciplined on my Journey. I push even when the going gets tough.

Another Motivation is my Dream. I want to make TNHMe work as a business because my Dream is to build a community of readers that I can help with my words and who can help each other through comments and support. If I don’t thrive with TNHMe, I may drop it and that would not be a good thing. I am motivated to keep TNHMe going because it makes me happy too. This has nothing to do with willpower but all to do with the Motivation.

So next time you want to say “I don’t have the willpower” think of me and think of a Motivation to switch your mindset into



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