The taste of money

On many occasions, I have heard and read that my negative beliefs about money can hinder my success in achieving wealth.  The opposite is also true apparently; positive beliefs about money will invite more of it in my life.

The principle is this: Considering money as good or bad, influences my ability to make more of it. Therefore, if I think money is bad, I will subconsciously push it away. I will then get frustrated at not seeing the fruits of my labour.

The truth is, money is not good nor bad. It is just a trading unit.

Our belief system about money is rather based on its usage, on the extension to its primary definition; it’s all about what we do with money, what we think we can do with money and how we think money influences our behaviour (and those of other people of course).

The experts suggest reviewing your relationship with money to see where you stand and how it influences your own ability to build wealth. If your beliefs about money are negative, then there is room for change.  Here’s an example: If I view money as the source of evil, than I need to modify my belief. I have to accept that money is very useful to me in the purchase of things I need or want and in providing for my family. Therefore since having money is indeed beneficial, I can and should open the doors to invite more of it in my life.

This is all very nice, but these experts aren’t the ones analyzing my situation!
Money is the source of evil…What does that mean anyway?
How can I possibly think money is bad when I know I need it to provide for my children?
All this just didn’t make sense to me, until a very recent ah-ha moment!

As I was thinking of the topics to cover in this wealth series, I knew I had to tackle this issue. I just couldn’t let it sit. I knew that deep down I have never been a big fan of money. I would rather live on a deserted island without trading units, negotiations, scams… It’s all too complicated for me. I would love to simply provide for my own with the basics… hmmm… this already sounded like a hidden frustration about money… Okay that’s a start.

The next thing that came to mind was something my mother often said to me when I started working while in college. I was in my very early twenties.

“You got the taste of money, now you’ll never finish school!”

She would have gladly provided for my schooling had I accepted to live without little luxuries such as extra clothes, shoes, purses and some outings.  Given certain circumstances though, like my father’s illness, I felt compelled to start working while in school. My mother was not happy.  She was so upset in fact that she asked me to cover for all my expenses including room and board while living under her roof.  She thought this would dissuade me from working.

That didn’t stop me though. I went on to carrying a heavy schedule with full time work and full time school.  The upside was more cash in my bank account, so I decided I could afford a few more luxuries to help me keep up and be well. I got a cell phone, a car and a gym membership and I started going out with friends (which was an improvement on not going out at all).

This review of my experience opened my eyes to what had actually happened.  My mother was trying to encourage me to stay in school and forget about work until after I graduated.  The intention was good and from the heart, but she was pushing her belief that money is bad on me. She thought the tempting taste of money would lure me away from the right path.  She made sure I realized that by repeating that I would never finish school.

My reaction was unexpected. That’s what you get from the black sheep!! Haha!
I worked twice as hard to constantly prove her wrong. I made sure I finished college, I worked full time all along, I got myself all the luxuries she would have me sacrifice and more, I still had no social life which was fine by me BUT I basically burnt myself to the ground.  Here was the evil taste of money versus the “what the hell am I doing, is this all worth it” question about money.  Neither very positive.

End result: I work like a maniac, I can’t rest, I still make sure I live comfortably with my family but since I don’t like the taste of money, I don’t get excited about making more of it.  So I stop myself short on my path. Even though I get super passionate about my projects, I never give my plans for wealth and making more money a chance to materialize.

Having said this, my hard work has paid off incredibly well… I have moved mountains since my divorce in terms of building assets. I live in a nice sized house, I own a second one I rent out, I have a new car, I travel once in a while… I am well to say the least, but I know I can do better.

So is the taste of money the reason why I block myself from achieving the level of wealth I dream of?  It’s a bit more complicated than that, but yes, I believe so.

There is much work to be done here to change my beliefs and to work upwards towards my goals. My Journal will be my close companion for some time… :)

What are your beliefs about wealth? Do you wish to make more money? What is really stopping you? Write some of your ideas down, try to remember stories from the past that will allow you to connect the dots. Your Journal will help tremendously. Your friends might also provide you with some insight and an objective look at your personal stories.

More articles on wealth to come. I intend to find ways to change the taste of money from bitter to sweet.


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