The solution may lie behind your biggest resistance…

On our Path to Happiness, I may be strolling easily through small challenges, I may be learning and growing as I go, but I may also realize that I have much more potential than I am currently pushing myself to accomplish. For some reason, I don’t really pay attention to that potential, where it may lead or what my steps should be to achieve it.

Having been through the ups and downs of teenage years, having gotten married to get out of my parents’ house, having been through a down-sloping marriage, conjugal abuse and a very difficult, financially and psychologically draining divorce with two small children, I had a big mountain to climb to get to a comfortable place in my life. I did it within 5 years.

The climb wasn’t always easy. I had to pick myself up, face challenges and fears as my responsibility towards my children required me to be strong. I also refused to fall back under my mother’s wings, so I needed to prove to myself and others that I could do it on my own.

So I reached a level of relative comfort. I can’t complain; I have my home, my space, my family, we all have good health, I can afford some luxuries even given good job I worked hard to get promoted in. Yet I know there is so much more out there that I can reach out for. I know I can find an even better place on my Path to Happiness.

I’ve been looking for that place for the past year or so. Some people may find this ridiculous. “You have so much to be happy with already, why can’t you find contentment instead of always looking for better?” I do have a lot to be happy about, but I believe this is no reason to stop. I appreciate and feel gratitude for what I have, but I need to reach for more. I have tremendous potential, I have strength, I have learned to face my fears, I have grown through my experiences and I know how to work towards objectives. So where is this happier place and why am I having trouble working towards it?

The solution may lie behind my biggest resistance…

The sentence hit me like an invisible screen door!!

I can see through it, I know where it is I need to go, yet there is this resistance, something keeping me from getting to that place. What is it?? Fear of going towards unfamiliar grounds, fear of success, fear of risks perhaps? A combination of all? Whatever this resistance may be, a Journal is the best way to try to figure it out. Once identified, the solution is more easily accessible. I can slide the screen door open and simply move forward towards my full potential!



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