The relief to hear a friend agree with you

When emotions are brewing inside of me and when I have just started making sense of them, my friends become my compass, guiding me towards the right direction.

The warmest feeling is to talk about my thoughts and to hear a friend agree with me with feedback to add value to the interaction. This exchange isn’t just a validation of what I thought to be right, but a confirmation that I am on the right track, with an extra 2 cents worth that will make me go even further on my tracks to deal with the issues.

This has come to my attention very recently through a very important exchange with my mother, the one person who has become my closest friend, even after years of difficulties.  On many counts, we don’t agree. We agree to disagree most of the time… But recently, with a very important discussion about a decision I needed to make on my path, she confirmed my thoughts, gave her blessing and encouraged me to move forward. Coming from her, this agreement was a huge relief for me.

What I am talking about is the exchange with very close friends who you know will confront you if they think you are on the wrong path. In speaking with these friends about important issues in your life, you will know for sure, with great relief, that if they agree with you, you’re definitely on the right path!


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