The Path Continues – Work in Progress

The first page of my Thinkshop presentation presents TheNewHappyMe logo and a caption: “Work in Progress”. This is not just a title page for me, nor is the caption just a header. It is part of the presentation in many ways.

As much as TheNewHappyMe motto may be to Take Action, the light behind it is Work in Progress. Keeping this mantra in mind allows me (and you) to continue Taking Action continuously. Taking Action IS work and it DOES move you forward into on-going Progress as long as you keep taking steps.

There is also the idea that all Progress on our Path will open new doors for more Progress ahead. I’ve been seeing a lot of that this week. What has been quite interesting for me is noticing that growth occurs in any area of life; it is not limited to just one. In fact, the Path is not unidirectional and will take curves into aspects of ourselves we didn’t see as related to the primary focus.

As I work diligently on TheNewHappyMe, my presentations and the website, developing the business with all the technical steps it represents, I am faced with fears and challenges along the way. Some of these have nothing to do with my work! They are not technical but very emotional in nature. So here I am digging out well hidden feelings from my past, in the midst of what started out to be a very straight forward, step-by-step, organized technical plan of action! Whew! What a week of reflections it has been!

Indeed, the Path has been Work in Progress for me. The growth has touched and continues to touch many areas of my life and I look forward to more Progress still. It is a Journey of achievements, of self-discovery, of facing fears and shedding tears, of liberation and celebration, all contributing to who I am today.


Start your Work in Progress Journey today and re-discover TheNewHappyYOU.  Join me at the next Thinkshop to spark that light into you!   To register and receive updates on upcoming Thinkshop schedules, go to Thinkshop Registration.



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