The New Happy Me: Trend or Epidemic?

Since I’ve been working on The New Happy Me, as part of my personal growth and for my website, I’ve noticed something quite peculiar, interesting and amusing at the same time.

Finding happiness as a spiritual path is probably developping into a trend. Spirituality, as opposed to religion or on the other side to atheism, has become the “in” road to self-discovery, for growth, for inner peace, love and happiness. Although I have always been spiritual, I think I am riding the same trend curve myself.

Recently, I noticed that my ways have a very contagious nature… it is delightful! My closest friends, my daughter and even my mother (who by the way has absolutely no access to the Internet) have all gotten involved in my work, whether through discussions, finding quotes, explaining their views on topics or telling me about various resources that deal with the same types of issues.  They are not only sharing in my excitement, they are also learning and growing with me.  My daughter is thinking of creating her own website, talking about mine to her schoolmates, my mother is sharing her discoveries with friends, and my buddies are getting empowered by The New Happy Me, letting their attitudes translate into positive actions.  Could  this contagious nature of The New Happy Me slowly but surely be changing the trend into a happy epidemic?

If so… I will rejoice in my success!


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