The Law of Exposure

Here’s an amazing eye opener video by Gary Ryan Blair I wanted to share with you. It’s about the Law of exposure.

I’ve spoken to you about this before but it is something so basic yet so crucial that I want to remind you of it. It just so happens that Gary’s video is great in giving that dramatic effect. I’m not one for drama but this issue needs your attention! Not understanding this basic concept will be dramatic in your life!



Gary is talking about his program, the 100 Day Challenge, where he invites you to make the shift in your life, to change what you are exposed to and succeed in finishing the year fully transformed into awesomeness!

Yes it does take discipline to change your exposure, from TV, games, Hollywood drama and all the mindless information that you are bombarded with daily, to the type of input that will have you moving towards your goals. You can do it!! If you want to take the 100 Day Challenge, click the image to get more details.

We’ll reconnect often I hope to hear about all your amazing accomplishments!


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