The launch of a special eBook


What’s a Coach for? That’s the title of the new eBook launched today. All subscribers will receive a complimentary digital copy by email and new subscribers will get it as a gift for joining TheNewHappyMe (until I decide to change the gift again!)

What’s so special about this new eBook? I’ve written a few before, right… Well, putting together this collection of stories took me on an unexpected Journey. There was plenty of excitement, pushing aside paralizing fears, facing disappointments and conquering challenges that could have made me give up on the whole project. This wasn’t just me pouring my thoughts out on paper. It was about getting creative, convincing colleagues to participate in the initiative, getting them on board with their contributions, going through the revisions and approvals to then complete the final version with its finishing touches.

Having been through all my emotions, it was very touching to receive a note from one of the contributing entrepreneurs, saying that the project was an enriching experience for each of the participants as well. Writing about their own story, from the heart, had each one of them digging deep too. This alone made the whole adventure worth every effort.

I invite you to ask for your own free digital copy today. You will love taking a moment to sit back and experience the messages contained in every one of its pages. 


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