The ghost of the past – my excuse to stall.

Regret, blame, fear of past emotions coming back to haunt me. I lock myself up to prevent from getting hurt ever again. Ghosts of the past. I protect myself with statements to remind me of the danger. They become my excuse to stall…

  • I fell flat on my face, I will never do that again.
  • I was so naive, I gave my heart and let it break in a million piece. Never again will I trust another.
  • I tried and failed. My parents were disappointed. I should just stick to what I know.
  • I did my best on the projects I was given, only to get a refusal on my request for a promotion.

These statements give a false sense of protection. In fact, what they do is keep you in a status quo so that you won’t move therefore you can’t fall. They allow you to eliminate the risk altogether.

What happens at the same time though is that they completely prevent the positive moves as well. These statements blind you to the great opportunities that may be opening up for you.

Do you have such personal statements, of regret, blame or fear from past experiences, that have this affect on you? What are they and how can you reset them? How can you come to terms with the fact that the ghost of the past has a lesson for you to learn so that you may continue to grow?



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