“The Future you see is the Future you get.”

A quote by Robert G. Allen, author of “Multiple Streams of Income”,  expert in the field of building wealth.

I wanted to mention this quote because it explains what Ian Clyde mentioned about focusing and visualizing what you want (what I wrote about yesterday).  This truly seems like the fairy dust we need to boost us into the realization of our goals. It isn’t just positive thinking, it’s beyond that. It’s really concentrating on transforming the future you want into reality.

There are many techniques that you can use to strongly focus on your goal, such as visualizing and writing.  Meditating is a wonderful way to clear your mind and to concentrate on the mental visualization, while writing allows you to describe in detail using the present or past terms; the future is already here. Visualizing and writing daily (and more) force your mind to make the connections needed to believe that the object of your visualization, in thought and written, is real.

Try it for fun and see if it works. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! :)


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