The first words in your Journal

What do you write when you don’t know what to write?




What’s wrong with starting with:
“Let me see, what do I want to write about?”
“What happened to me today…?”
“Today, I……………………..”

 Get the point?

Write anything! Just get it started! It doesn’t have to be serious, it doesn’t have to help you solve any issues yet. It’s just a way to get your started, without any expectations. I’ll give you pointers on things to start writing about tomorrow and the next day, but for now, stick to just writing for the sake of trying out your new pen, feeling the smooth flow you will love to feel every single day.

This was easy for a first exercise right? The next ones will be enjoyable too and you’ll start pushing out of your comfort zone with little baby steps to write things that will help you reach goals.

QUICK NOTE: I highly suggest handwriting, but Journals may also be written on the computer, whether through regular word processing software or Internet programs or applications designed for Journal Writing. Either way, you will need to get used to writing, on your path to enjoying the experience each time you pick up your pen or open the file.


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