The Element of Realism and your Vision Board

As we try to determine the best techniques to help ourselves make our dreams come true through our Vision Board, we look for the right images and set our goals to move forward. So far so good.

Now, if I tell you that you need a hint of realism to ensure that the Vision Board will truly help you reach your goals, you might say: hey, wait a second… if the Vision Board is filled with images that depict my dreams for my future, how can I identify these dreams as realistic or not? My dreams are my dreams after all… aren’t they supposed to be somewhere out there beyond the realm of my present reality? YES, you’re right. The way to determine if your dreams are realistic is to see if you can see logical steps and goal milestones to make those images real within a reachable future. It’s that simple and so very important to make sure your Vision Board has the element of realism it needs to be successful. I’ll explain.

Your Vision Board is a collage of images of things you want to achieve, have, be or feel.  Through these images you have also thought of your goals. What goal does each image represent? Take the list and ask yourself this question for each and every goal one at a time: When I read the goal, do I have a good feeling about it, that I will be able to make baby steps towards achieving it, or is it so far fetched that my body cringes and my mind says “Are you kidding me?!?!” ? See the following examples:

Example one: Image: a pile of gold bullion. Goal: to have $10 million in assets by end of year. Present situation: Decent 9 to 5 job, a mortgage, 2 kids and a car loan, no investments, no business projects in mind. Now what is your first thought when you read this? -Okay, what is this person thinking?? How many lottery tickets does he buy to think he’s going to land the jackpot within the next 12 months?  If you were the person writing this down as a goal, your entire body and mind would probably think you’re nuts. This would in turn prevent the appropriate thoughts, visualization and the right type of healthy passion to make this dream a reality.  You would basically be sabotaging yourself before even starting.

Example two: Image: a big house overlooking a lake and surrounding mountains. Goal: to buy a similar house. Present situation: Decent 9 to 5 job in the tourism industry, a mortgage, 2 kids and a car loan, no investments, eyeing an opening position at one of the locations owned by the same company.  Now, what are your thoughts here? Does the current situation of this person give you any indication that the purchase of this house is somewhat feasible? The job opening may be exactly what this person needs for the big move. Selling his house and moving to the lake may not be so far off. The mind already starts focusing on the next steps to make sure that job is accessible and acquired in the near future.

Do you see the difference between the two examples? It basically boils down to allowing the mind to go through the correct path of creating next steps for the accomplishment of the goal. If the dream/goal/image is not realistic, the mind shuts down and laughs at the original thought. In contrast, a successful Vision Board will have realistic dreams/goals/images that will open the mind to a brainstorm of ideas leading to endless achievements.  These ideas are what will allow you to make the necessary steps towards goal completions… That is why the element of realism is so important for the creation of your Vision Board!


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