That is your opinion…

and that is perfectly fine with me!

Take out your Journal Peeps!! If you have received judgement, criticism or just someone’s opinion you are not too comfortable with, this is the time to write and make peace.

What do you make peace with?

Whatever it is that you are not comfortable with!

  • Can it be that the person’s opinion hit a chord? Is there something that I should really be looking at and dealing with? Have I been sticking a paper bag over my head to not see it that way all this time? Do I need to change my attitude, my behavior, my plan?
  • Can it be that I have to come to terms with the fact that this person and I just don’t agree? Is this a big problem? Can we agree to disagree or will I need to decide to take my distances?
  • Can it be that the statement hurt me by digging out old emotions that I had kept hidden for a long time? If this is the case, I need to look into this and, instead of being upset at the person for his/her opinion, use this as an opportunity to grow.
  • Can it be that this person or situation is challenging me to learn something new, to get creative, to work harder to reach a better and happier position in my life? What can this be? Where can this experience be leading me?

See which of these questions speaks most to you and try to answer them as honestly as possible in your Journal. Usually, writing the first thoughts that come to mind bring out the best and most genuine feelings about your path. Trust the flow of your pen. See where it leads.

You want to come out of this a changed person… You will make peace with the situation, you will accept the other’s opinion, not as your own but as his/hers. It will be perfectly fine with you. You may be pleasantly surprised…!



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