Talking about your feelings…

Through TheNewHappyMe, I now have the opportunity to share my story with close friends and new friends I have never even met.   I am the type of person who loves talking and although, while going through a lot of pain, I retract a bit to take a deep breath and compose myself, I am generally an open character.  I love the relationships I build this way, with an understanding of honesty and trust… I sometimes feel like people think I talk too much… But this is who and what I am, and I like it that way.

For others, it is entirely different. They won’t express themselves at all. It is as if they don’t want to trust the other person with the valuable information about themselves. I would find it very difficult to live like that, keeping everything hidden from people around me. I wouldn’t be able to share, learn from others, release my emotions to be able to deal with them. I would be miserable.  I would feel like I’m keeping a secret all the time. It would seriously stress me out!  If you are a person who doesn’t talk about feelings, what makes you need to keep it in?

What about others who will not even accept to express their feeling to themselves, in their own Journal for example? Is that purely denial?  I have seen individuals who seem on top of everything. Their world may be wonderful on the outside, but a quick exam shows many cracks. A few questions reveal further damage. The person is not happy. You may superficially look happy, but if cannot deal with your feelings, you are burying them deeper with each life experience, making the foundation weaker and weaker each time.  Looking at this type of personality, are there areas in your life where you choose to deny your feelings?

These are great ideas for Journal subjects. They help you reach inside and learn a bit more about yourself. Try it and let me know…


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