Taking one step back for two steps forward

As the Holiday Season is an important time of reflexion for me, I think back to all the events of the year, my projects, my successes and disappointments, my frustrations and my joys.  There is a lost to dig up and think about.

Through this exercise, what I try to accomplish is an evaluation of what worked and what didn’t, what is to be repeated and what needs to change in my life. It is an important time of analysis because although I have already given some thought to this over the year, I haven’t actually organized my observations to make focused decisions. This is an exercise in taking a step back to have a clear visual of the year, in order to take two steps forwards with smart decisions for the future.

Categorizing the events, thoughts and observations in major fields is a first step to looking at which aspect of my life needs urgent improvement. Work, romance, family, health… What was right, what was wrong this year? What do I move forward on and what do I change? What needs my utmost attention? This reflexion, or step back, will allow me to set my goals for the coming year.


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