Taking a step back – That’s an Idea!

Today’s post comes very late in the day as my body decided to tell me, no, to scream at me, that it was time to take a step back.

As you can imagine, and as my lovely cousin pointed out to me earlier, my posts have allowed me to do a lot of work on myself.  The more I learn and grow, the bigger the challenges I face. With each phase, I create new Ideas and make new Decisions to continue moving forward.

There comes a time though, during all this personal development, that the body, mind and soul need a break. Just a step back to recuperate from the last challenge and enough time to refuel for the next one. I am one to ignore this and I push to move forward on cruise control, no, on 1000 horsepower Formula 1 acceleration mode!

So when I ignored my need to take a step back, my body said WOAH! You want to walk straight, I’ll make you dizzy and fall, you want to eat and energize, I won’t let your stomach keep an ounce of anything! I’ll make you stop!

So here’s my Idea for this week. It doesn’t have to be yours but you may want to keep it in mind for the future. Taking a step back in itself is an Idea.


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2 Responses to “Taking a step back – That’s an Idea!”

  1. “Rushing Creates Violence” From Thomas Merton. One of my favorite quotes. Thanks so much for sharing. We are all in this together.

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