Take Action!

If you believe you deserve a happier life,

if you want to make changes for the better,

I will tell you a secret…

It doesn’t take much to attain it.

With TheNewHappyMe, you will learn to  
1) identify,
achieve and
celebrate your goals, one step at a time!

I know making changes in your life is not that easy. I’ve been there!
You may not know where to start. You may feel overwhelmed. You feel paralized perhaps…

I started off broke, sole guardian of my two young children when my husband left. The banks called me to cover for debt I couldn’t possibly handle given my administrative level job. I would sit at the edge of my bed crying. I had no clue how I would get myself out of this mess. I was scared.

But I did it. One step at a time.
I want to teach you how by giving you the tools.
The teacher appears when the student is ready. Are you ready?

Now is the time for you to start making concrete changes!
It’s all up to you!

I am so excited for this opportunity to share all my knowledge with you!
This page is TO TAKE ACTION NOW!

You want -

  • to change your life around, to improve it, to see results and breakthroughs.
  • to see proven methods presented in a completely functional and comprehensive way, learning how to use tools that you will be able to use for a lifetime.
  • to have access to me directly and personally for your questions and comments.

You will have all this and more as I bring excitement to the table and celebrate your achievements with you! I want you to surpass the unimaginable and reach for the stars!

You’ve heard about the top 1%… Well TheNewHappyMe is a movement where you and I are the leaders to expand that 1% to a 5, 10, 20% or more. By creating change in your life, you will make change around you! Together we will grow the movement and make this a better, happier world for the next generations!

****ACTION is the ONLY missing link to find TheNewHappyYOU!
****That’s TheNewHappyMe secret! So start by Taking Action TODAY!

Here is the list of services available immediately, with their respective page links, to support you on your path.


TheNewHappyMeTV is available LIVE and archived at TheNewHappyMeTV.com.

LIVE show updates are emailed straight into your inbox – all you have to do is register to receive them!

LIVE shows allow viewers to interact with me, Carmen, and my special guests. An email sent after the live show gives access to a replay link immediately after the show, and the archived video is posted on this site.

Take 5 to Take Action:

Take 5 minutes and 5$ to make a move towards the achievement of your goals today! The Take5 to Take Action page features the latest Take5 promotions. It could be an eBook, an audio, a video or webinar to offer you a few secrets that will make all the difference for you as you move forward. Check out the list of 5$ promotions on Take 5 to Take Action.


Create your Vision Board:

This is a POWERFUL TOOL to get you started, particularly popular in the New Year. Use Vision Boards for you annual goals, single projects or as a business team.

There are many articles available on TheNewHappyMe.com about Vision Boarding to help you. Go to the Vision Boards Guide for all the info.  To start working on your own Vision Board, on your own, with your spouse, children, friends, students or co-workers, go to the Vision Boards’ Take5 to Take Action Promotion page.


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