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eBook – Hold your Own Vision Board Party!
7 Secrets Techniques to Powerful Vision Boards

Start with this eBook to identify your goals and visualize your outcomes.
Make your own Vision Board and make it powerful using these techniques.
You can even have fun and share your experience with family or friends.
(value $17)


Videos – Thinkshops
Introduction – Video  (42min)

Get inspired and motivated to set Goals and reach for them.
Learn how I do it! I will give you some tips and techniques to help you on your path.
(value $27)

Building your own Small Business (or setting out to work on a project)
Managing your Fears and Challenges – Video (40min)
Learn how to move forward even when you feel paralyzed!
I talk about how I do it myself successfully!
(value $37)

The Truth about Worries - Video (42min)
Learn what Worries are all about and how to eliminate them from your present and future.
Don’t let worries about what people will say or about whether you’ll fail, stop you on your path.
This is a very complete presentation that gives you information and tools for success!
(value $37)

Your Journal for Self-Discovery(1hr)
Here is a complete How-to use your Journal to get most benefits from it.
Even if you use a Journal already, you’ll love the suggestions in this presentation!
If you haven’t started Journaling yet, start with this webinar recording!
(value $37)

Fighting procrastination(1hr)
The common definition of Procrastination is not correct. It isn’t about laziness…
Join me to uncover the underlying issues, the dynamics and the ways to overcome
Procrastination in order to live your life to the fullest.
(value $27)