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Ask Carmen #7 – What is celebrating?

How timely to be talking about Celebrating just as the new Celebrate page is introduced to fans!!
So today’s Ask Carmen question is: “What is Celebrating and how do you do it?”

This is actually a common question. We often work very hard on our goals and we push ourselves to always strive for more. What [...]


Ask Carmen #6 – Beyond fear, taking action.

Here is Ask Carmen #6 with this question:
“I want to take action, I want to move forward but I can’t, I am paralized with fear, how can you help me?”
The video is a little longer than usual (12:50 minutes) but well worth every minute. Comment below to let me know how this suggestion will help [...]


Ask Carmen #5 – What is my New Year wish for you.

Less than 48 hours to close 2011.
Here is Ask Carmen video #5 – What is my New Year wish for you, my TheNewHappyMe fans.


Ask Carmen #4 – Dealing with energy drainers…

I had scheduled to answer the following question for today: “How do you deal with energy drainers from your immediate environment, when you need to face them daily?” It was appropriate given the theme of the articles I have been writing this week.
Well, funny thing is, not necessarily a coincidence, I got a doze of [...]


Using Motivation to support your will to succeed

In setting any Goal, particularly New Year Resolutions, you must start with at least some motivation right? Otherwise, why would you choose that Goal for yourself?
The Motivation that pushes you to want and start on the Path will take you near or far, depending on how strong it is. This is basically your willpower. It is your willingness [...]