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The Story of an Angel

On December 22nd 2012, the world lost a great man. It isn’t a sad story that I want to tell you today though. I wanted to share my thoughts in honor of my friend because I believe that, even though he would deny it wholeheartedly, he was a true angel.
Doug was of Jewish descent but [...]


Getting ready for the New Year

After Christmas comes Boxing Day… Excitement still running high along with cholesterol levels, alcohol intake and credit card statements perhaps?? LOL
Still eating? Still partying? Still spending? Time to stop. Take a step back to see what part of the Holidays is most important for you and how you can bring quality back into this special season.
One [...]


Gratitude this Holiday Season

Dear friends,
We all go through our ups and downs and we all experience our struggles.  You are not alone. We also have many successes to celebrate together. TheNewHappyMe extends a hug and energy of encouragement to you. On this very special Holiday Season, let’s take a deep breath of Gratitude for all that we have, all our [...]