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Start your week with a ToDo List

In the Ask Carmen! video #2, I spoke about Goal and Time Management. One of the elements of the technique I explained is all about elaborating ToDo lists. From the Goal you want to set for yourself, what are the ToDos you would need to and like to address?
Here are some pointers to make ToDo [...]


Do you remember to always Celebrate each individual Success?

Since yesterday, I have been celebrating the Success of my encore presentation of TheNewHappyMe Thinkshop Introduction.
Watch the video to see how I celebrate by sharing my Happiness with you!


New Year’s Resolutions – Making Accountability work for you.

Accountability may initially sound like a heavy and scary word but in reality, it only hides a lot of power. Use it right and it will be your partner for success!
Accountability is one of the words I used yesterday in my Ask Carmen! Video. I have made Accountability my friend. I let it help me in putting my [...]