Success is happiness

In looking at my energy budget and having written about the misconception that success comes from wealth, I concluded that, at least for me, success is happiness.

In balancing my energy budget, I tend to look at four distinct aspects of my life: my wealth, my health, my self and my relationships.

In happiness, I pay attention to the same dimensions of my existence. I make sure I feel complete in all four of them. I strive for balance in my energy levels, a good use of my energy with proper refueling as required. I want to be happy in my current state of being. That is success for me.

In the next posts, I will focus on these four dimensions in detail. I will put an emphasis on the suggested views that will increase happiness.

MY WEALTH: feeling wealthy with what already I have, paying attention to the experiences and feelings that come with having money, understanding why I strive for more and creating healthy attitudes towards money and wealth.

MY HEALTH: respecting my body, keeping my body healthy, allowing my body to recover from illness or stress, listening to the signs my body sends me about what is good or not for it.

MY SELF: giving myself the time for me, accepting me for who I am today, for who I was and who I have become, forgiving myself and realizing my potential to learn and grow, respecting my strengths and my weaknesses.

MY RELATIONSHIPS: understanding what I have to offer and where my bounderies lie, respecting the other person’s boundaries, accepting to go beyond my comfort zone to let the other person within my bubble, respecting the other person for his/her strengths and weaknesses, understanding the importance of communication, giving love and accepting love.

These are just some of the topics I will cover based on my own experiences, research and expert advice. These are the elements I have focused on over years of work on myself, to finally find TheNewHappyMe. I truly hope it will lead the way for you too.


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