Strengths and Weaknesses to Wealth

Strengths and weaknesses may seem to be part of a vocabulary linked to personal and psychological development, not necessarily to financial growth, but they are indeed closely related to wealth and happiness on our journey. 

As master of my Self, it is my responsibility to assess my present situation including the statement of my strengths and my weaknesses. My success hinges directly on these primary elements of pluses and minuses. Working on increasing the overall value of this statement for the best possible scenario will allow me to firmly move forward.

My statement
As individuals, we all have strengths and weaknesses. There is absolutely no doubt in this affirmation, nor is there anything wrong with it. Nobody is perfect! The person who thinks he is perfect has the weakness of a fragile ego…

The first step is to identify both my strengths and weaknesses, in this case on my path to wealth or success. This is incredibly important. I cannot possibly work on a plan if I have no idea where I am starting. I need to accept each of the identified items and decide to work with and on them in my quest for wealth.

This first concrete decision is the foundation that will help me build a solid plan of action to wealth.  It is the most difficult and crucial part of the building process. It requires digging deep within, accepting things about myself that I may have been in denial about for a long time, forgiving myself for issues past and allowing myself to start anew. This new foundation will now be more solid. I will use the best of my personal resources and assets to build on.

As I identify and understand both sides of my skill-set spectrum and as I agree to pay particular attention to them, I can start working on strengthening my strengths and compensating for my weaknesses. This is the objective of my plan of action: to increase the overall value of my statement.

Strengthening my strengths
I have many strengths to help me on my path to wealth and success. Some may be obvious to me, some obvious to others but not well understood by me and some may be completely hidden. The identification stage will help me put together a list of all my strengths. These may include passion for my work, a particular talent, a diploma or certification along with the knowledge/expertise in a specific field, experience, charm, willingness to try and take calculated risks, etc. I think you get the idea of the wide range of strengths I can come up with. It’s not just about qualifications and talents. Your personality will also include certain strengths that will help you on your path.

The support of my loved-ones will be crucial in gauging my list. I, for example, have a particular difficulty in assessing the importance of my strengths due to a lagging self-esteem. I have been highly critical of myself throughout my life and so I don’t see my strengths as important or as relevant as they truly are. Sometimes I don’t even acknowledge some of my unique and valuable traits. Recently, a conversation with my cousin and ,y aunt about my projects allowed me to hear their view of me and my capabilities. I was actually shocked at my reluctance to see my strengths and how they had picked up on them over the years, seeing me work my way into project after project. Their pride in me allowed me to see the strengths I could capitalize on! What a tremendous boost that was for my path! (Thanks cuz! ;) )

Using my strengths to my advantage means actually using them. My passion for my work is by far my greatest strength. I use it to energize me, to help me through the long hours of work. My experience is probably another great strength. I use it along with my charm and writing skills to relay my message to my readers… (this exercise is such an amazing boost for my self-esteem!! wow!) The more I think of my strengths and how I can use them to make my work easier and better, the more I give myself an increased boost to advance even faster! Imagine how beneficial this is to my statement!

What do I do with my weaknesses?
Some of us may feel a huge damper from weaknesses. Others will be in denial about them. The first step is to be honest about the skill-sets that I do not have but that are required for my path. This is by far the hardest part.

If I am too tough on myself about my weaknesses, the support of my friends will be important. They have to be very honest though. We cannot superficially cover for weaknesses. I can use their help to assess the situation exactly and see what kind of compensation through other skills or what kind of other resource I can use to eliminate each weakness. Sometimes, it may even be as simple as accepting it and realizing that it may not be such a weakness after all!

I often hear experts in the field of marketing say that the easiest way to move forward is to pay others to do the things that I can’t do. Graphic design, copywriting, technical website stuff… you get it… instead of worrying about not getting something done, or not getting it done well, just find someone else to do it for you. I pay my mechanic to fix my car, why would I not get a graphic designer to create a beautiful logo for me, right?

I can also acquire the skills I need. Taking courses, going to seminars and reading books are just some of the ways you can increase knowledge. This should be done on an on-going basis anyway as it is an amazing tool for growth, but it also helps to eliminate some weaknesses.

The idea here is to eliminate the minuses caused by weaknesses on my statement. The lower the amount of minuses the higher the overall statement value will be. It’s that simple.


This is an exercise you can easily work on with your Journal. A statement, with the lists of strengths and weaknesses, has to be written down. This is definitely not something you can get away with through just thinking about it.  Writing the items down, talking about them with your friends, going back to your list on a regular basis, seeing your progress over time, going back to re-assess the situation when you come to a new realization… these are all part of the process that require special attention. Your Journal will help you give yourself the opportunity to take the time for yourself. Your path to wealth requires it and you deserve it. So just do it!


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