Start your week with a ToDo List

In the Ask Carmen! video #2, I spoke about Goal and Time Management. One of the elements of the technique I explained is all about elaborating ToDo lists. From the Goal you want to set for yourself, what are the ToDos you would need to and like to address?

Here are some pointers to make ToDo lists a powerful tool on your Path to achieving your Resolutions:

  • Take 20 minutes every week, say Sunday night, to create your list for the next 7 days. Look at your Goal and see what steps and baby steps you need to tackle next to make a move forward towards Goal achievement. Write them down. Use the following pointers to modify the list items as required before you start working on them.
  • See if this list is reasonable given the amount of time you have to work on this goal (as mentioned in the video under Time Management). This means that if you know you have 3 Holiday parties to attend and 2 meetings to prepare for, you may not have so much time to work on your Goal this week. That’s okay, as long as you know ahead of time, you set your expectations and you can schedule your time slots accordingly.
  • Review the list and see if you can eliminate any items (really not as important as you thought for your Goal) or if you can delegate any of the items to anyone else (outsourcing or partnering are options).  Eliminate those items from your list.
  • See if you can free up more time for yourself by handing errands and chores to family members.  If you do free up some extra time, do you think you can handle more ToDos? Or can this perhaps be used as a buffer in case you need more time for any of the items to be completed?
  • Be sure to include your daily rituals as part of your list, such as Journal writing or Gratitude lists you may want to keep at on a daily basis. This way you’re sure to not forget them!
  • Get the final list ready and tackle items daily (or as scheduled with your time slots). Check off each item you complete and celebrate!
  • At the end of the week, if there are items not yet taken care of (either because another item caused a delay or unexpected life events prevented you from completing them) no worries at all… Just make a new list for the next week and include these items at the top, in priority.

So this is a more detailed, written version of Goal and Time Management (as explained in Ask Carmen! video #2). The technique really does work in keeping track of steps and movement forward towards Goal achievement. Try it for your 2012 New Year’s Resolutions and let me know how it works for you!


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