Start working on your Vision Board

For the next 23 days I will give you all kinds of tips and hints to create a vision board that will best suit you, your personality and your goals.  This is meant to be FUN! It is a creative and exciting way to work on your objectives for the year to come. It is important to make the process as motivating as possible for you because you want it to be a powerful tool you will really benefit from.

The materials you will need for now are:

  • a carton board/bristle board, size and colour to your discretion.
    It should be big enough to paste images on but not too big for the wall you will be placing it on.
    The colour is really a personal choice but I tend to go for a colour that suits my mood or one that will attract my attention every time I pass by the board.
  • scissors
  • magazines, fliers and/or a computer and printer

The first thing you should do is randomly think of the things you want to achieve this year. These can relate to any category of your life, such as health, wealth, relationships, your self-discovery, your career, to go in more detail maybe a diet, a fitness program, a business project, a special purchase like a car, a house, furniture or renovations to the house you own… anything goes.  Look for magazines, fliers, Google images to search for photos that will inspire you. You can even take photos yourself to print and add to the collage (for example to do a before after of a room you want to renovate, or a photo of yourself smiling). These images will remind you of your goals and make you stick to your path to achieve them. They will motivate you by representing positive visuals of your goals. This is why the most important element of the vision board is that the images have to be uplifting, inspirational and motivational.

Next, cut-out or print to cut the photos (in colour except when the image is b&w) then take the cardboard you will use for your vision board and place the images on the board without gluing anything yet. See if you think you have enough to cover the entire space. If you don’t, go back to your research and cut out more images to use.

When you have placed all the images on your board, see how you feel. How do the images speak to you? Do you feel like the images you have chosen get you excited about reaching your goals? Do they motivate you to start on working on your goals? Are there any images you would like to change? Don’t worry to take the time to do this. It will take a bit more effort the first time. Next time around, you’ll already be an expert at it!

NEXT:  Identify your goals through the images you chose.
I know it seems backwards, but there is a method to the madness! ;)


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  1. Neat. I use meditation on a regular basis and think that it’s a superb way to relax.

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