Sorry but… You may have to hit rock bottom!

I am sure you have heard of, seen or even experienced the adventure of a person who cannot get back up on his/her feet… Serious yet preventable health issues, addictions, chronic bad decisions… We want to help that person but it feels hopeless…

I don’t want to talk all gloomy, but this is a serious issue, one that definitely touches the concept of Happiness, both for those individuals and for their loved ones.

Sorry but… these individuals will have to hit rock bottom before they can start getting back up again on their way to follow a Path to Happiness.

Here, I must just add a parenthesis – there are some clinical cases of depression or other forms of emotional health issues. Seeking professional help is so important and nothing to be ashamed of when it is clear that services are required.

So to come back to the Path to Happiness, I have a feeling you yourself are not a person hitting rock bottom, because you wouldn’t be sitting here reading TheNewHappyMe posts… Sometimes though you can be in a relatively undesirable situation, yet not bad enough to say – HEY let’s stop this right now, this is not working and I need to change things IMMEDIATELY!

Sometimes the situation has to be so unpleasant that upon looking for next steps, the effort you need to put into changing things will look much easier and feasible than continuing a life so draining. That is when it gets easier to decide – Now’s the time!

Do you feel like you are stuck in a very unpleasant situation? How bad is it?
How much worse does it have to get before you decide – This is it, I need to change this!!

What would it take for you to get out of this situation? How difficult is this step?
How can you break this step down to make it easier to move forward? Now does it look better?
Does the effort to get out of the unpleasant situation look feasible?
Now look at all the energy you will be putting on making this effort…
How does it compare to sticking to the present situation? Does it look better or worse?
And there is your answer! Will you have to hit rock bottom still, or are you at that pivotal point where you can make that change??

Go ahead and think carefully about these questions… write in your Journal… see where they lead you.



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