Sorry but… this is the theme of the week!

Whether you like it or not, “Sorry but” will be this week’s theme.

I want to give this topic a bit of a sarcastic tone, the type of humor I often use with very close friends to get my point across. ‘Cause I really want to get my point across!!

“Sorry but” came to me after my reflection on what TheNewHappyMe is and what it isn’t. What are the things that I can offer to really make a difference? What are the superficial topics that offer only band-aid solutions, the ones I am not really interested in discussing? What are the big challenges readers are truly facing? How do we all find ways to avoid these? What can I do to help myself and my readers through this difficulty, onto a happier direction on our path.

“Sorry but” may feel like a pie in the face. Shocking, possibly unexpected, sometimes upsetting. Be forewarned!

I’m thinking of:

Sorry but…. Happiness is a lot of hard work.

Sorry but…. Asking alone will not grant you a freebie.

Sorry but…. Money isn’t Happiness.

Sorry but…. You may have to hit rock bottom.

Sorry but….

Do you suggest any other Sorry But’s for this series?? Leave me a comment!!







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2 Responses to “Sorry but… this is the theme of the week!”

  1. Peter Wright says:

    Sorry but: Life isn’t fair.
    Sorry but:Sometimes, bad things happen to good people.

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