Sorry but… I feel like moving on to another series! :)

Okay, yes I know… The Sorry But Series has been pretty heavy, hasn’t it?

“Sorry But” was an eye opening series, one that was meant to throw questions at your face and yell out – SURPRISE! Guess what point you might have been missing all along!!

It was my way of dealing with my own issues while helping ( I hope) some of my readers deal with theirs. Actually I know the Sorry But series has provoked thought, in a very good way, for some of you, based on email and fb messages I received this week. So for that I am very happy!

I only addressed a few topics and there may be many more, but let’s stop there. The theme itself has everything to do with Happiness, nevertheless, I feel like we need to lighten up the mood a bit to allow ourselves to digest all this pie in the face info.

There is only one Sorry But I had thought of that I didn’t address: Sorry but… Money doesn’t buy happiness.
I think that is a theme all on its own, so I may come back to that as a series later on. I think you’ll agree, Money is a huge topic!

So for now, I have decided to give my articles a softer tone and allow you, the reader, to take some time to thing of where you are, what you have learned so far, what successes you can celebrate and what goals you can get excited about. Softer and lighter doesn’t mean less important… You will have plenty of opportunity to write in your Journal! (I love the Journal!!!) I’ll help you through articles and we’ll think of exercises to guide us on our Path. I will be doing my own work through these as well; know that you are not alone!!

So for this weekend, I won’t ram any more heavy content down your throat!! LOL
Get some good rest for some different type of TNHMe work coming up.



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