Sorry but… asking alone will not grant you a freebie!

I often read posts and hear people say that they pray for things to change, for a miracle to happen, they ask the universe to bring what they desire to their life, they visualize the gift to make it come true… How many times has the act of asking alone brought any sustainable change in YOUR life?

I am not talking about asking a person for a favor. I am talking about something that makes a difference in your life, something you feel happens to you or that you make happen. I am talking about a change that takes you from being in a difficult or less than desirable situation, to one that is more acceptable and happy.

So, let me ask again? Does asking alone grant you what you want or need in your life?

This type of praying or asking from the universe, to me, is asking for a freebie.

Before you judge me for not being religious or spiritual etc., hear me out! I believe this TYPE of asking is asking for a freebie… I am not judgmental of the act of praying, going to church, mosque, synagogue, temple, or any other house of prayer; I am not judgmental of asking for help from up above or from the universal energy that surrounds us. I am more inclined towards a DIFFERENT TYPE OF ASKING.

I am a very spiritual person. I can’t say I am religious although I am Christian. I believe in a higher being like many readers may believe too. I also believe in a Universal Energy that works much as we know atoms and electrons to work, attracting the like, positives and negatives. What I don’t believe though is that there is a “person”, an entity, a universal force that just hands gifts to us on a silver platter.

Ask but do your part of the job too!
I believe in miracles, but I also believe a miracle will happen to anyone who makes the effort to acknowledge it, to “see” it. Opportunities arise around us all the time. Can these be viewed as miracles in disguise? When we ask for help, do we make the effort to use the opportunities that are handed to us? Do we “see” them as opportunities that will allow us to “get” what we asked for? We have our part to play on this path. We have to do our part to use the resources we have and make things happen. Happiness still comes with hard work.

Ask for what will allow you to achieve what you want…
This is what I do regularly. I pray for wisdom, strength, courage, faith and love. These are the elements I need in my life to “see” and “use” the opportunities that will be placed on my path for me to take advantage of and achieve that which will make a difference in my life. The funny thing is I have all this within me already. The act of praying and asking for it allows me to bring it out to a more conscious level, where I can use these resources in a more direct way on my path. This is how I make things happen. This is how I get creative about my next steps and I work with commitment to make them come true.

Don’t ask, instead feel Gratitude for all that you already have.
If you want to attract all the good things and more, start by feeling Gratitude for all that you have instead of asking and focusing on what you don’t have. Appreciate your health, your strength to keep going day in and day out, your ability to feel Gratitude for the resources you will be using to achieve your goals. Be thankful for having a mindset of abundance in your life, for wanting to strive for a better, wealthier and happier life.

I went out on a limb going into religious or spiritual thoughts today, but I think it’s a very important part of the way we act and react to life’s ups and downs. Many of my friends hope, pray and wait, but nothing happens… my message is to continue hoping and praying, but to not just sit and wait, but to do your part. This is your life, your path, your Journey. You have a huge role to play in it!


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2 Responses to “Sorry but… asking alone will not grant you a freebie!”

  1. Peter Wright says:

    I did not find your post controversial at all, and I agree with your thoughts about asking for the strengths to do what is required, to do our part and gratitude.

    Unfortunately, the negative side of both the positive thinking movement and religion, is that susceptible people believe asking and praying without action are enough.

    Somewhere I read “Affirmation without Action won’t get you anywhere”.

    I am looking forward to the next time you go out on a limb, will you go further?

    • Carmen Marie says:

      Do I hear a challenge Peter?? lol

      I thought my article might upset some more religious readers in that prayer is a powerful tool on our Journey, yet like you say Affirmation with Action won’t get you anywhere, or the more practical example for non religious readers: what’s the use of praying to win the lottery when you haven’t bought a ticket!! My intention is to touch all readers with my words, no matter where they come from, what their beliefs are…

      I also wanted to express my very personal thoughts, how I express prayer and gratitude in my life. My way of giving of myself through my posts…

      Let me see if I can take you up on your challenge and go out on a limb again, or in a bigger way!! :)

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