Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do!

Do you sometimes feel like life throws a curve ball at you and all you can do is let it hit you smack in the head?

That’s how I feel this week. This may sound weird but I don’t want to duck and avoid it… I am not quite ready to put on my mitt to catch it either… So I’m just going to let it hit me because I feel like it needs to. It will make me react!

I see so many people, friends and strangers alike, live in complete numbness. They have their routines, they make the best of a life they don’t really care about, they get shoved left and right by situations without ever pushing back.

I have chosen to be different. I have decided to live a life that my children will talk about with pride after I’m gone.

This past week has been one of those where, as I get back up from a temporary slump due to work exhaustion, slowly going into auto-pilot with a routine I can get comfortable with in a numb way, life says – HEY wake-up! You’re not meant to do that! You have work to do Girl!

A year ago I was struggling with the idea of my purpose in life. TheNewHappyMe brought me the excitement I needed to start with a project that would bring my mission to life. There is a lot of hard work involved, so much to learn, a family and daily routine I still need to place on high priority. It does get overwhelming and although my commitment is still strong, it is easy to just do the daily stuff and fall into that numbness.

Then the curve ball hits!

What you do when that ball hits determines your future.

That curve ball is telling you something. It hit you, it may have hurt you, but it woke you up, it got your attention; now you have to get back up and back to work.  The curve ball is saying – Get your head back into the game!

Here I am thinking… Yes it’s tough, it will be tougher still, but I can do it! Life has my attention. I’m on track with my purpose. My work will reward me tenfold. I just gotta do what I gotta do!



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