Some Decisions are just so tough!

Every day of your life, you make Decisions. You decide to say something to someone, to do something, to plan something, to agree or disagree and so forth. Every time you decide, your action is backed up by a set of Ideas; these are a combination of values and principles, background information and knowledge of what you want for the future, immediate or long term. All these ideas together determine what your Decision will be. This means that your Decision will be based on your truth (or your purposeful denial of it).

What does all this mean??

It simply means that you have all the information you need to make the RIGHT Decision for you. You have to trust yourself for making that Decision.

This sounds quite simple… but sometimes, some Decisions are just so tough!

What often happens when we feel that we are having difficulty with a Decision, is that we know deep down what we need to do, but we are torn by outside elements.

  • I will feel guilty for hurting someone, or for being happy the other person isn’t
  • I am afraid of the comments I may get
  • I don’t think others have the same values as me, I will be the odd one out
  • I have the information, but someone else is telling me a different story, I am questioning myself now
  • I know what I want, but does it look too pompous to be asking for it?

These are just some examples of how elements outside of ourselves can influence our Decision. They skew our Truth and can sometimes make us act against our Integrity. This is when we end up unhappy with our Decision and stuck in regret.

Can you think of Decisions you have made lately that you regret because you let outside elements gear you in the direction opposite your Truth? What can you learn from that experience? What would you change now if you could? Is there something you can do today to make it better?

When faced with tough Decisions, take that step back and think of what your Truth is. What are the Ideas that should be guiding you? Which ones go against the grain? What Decision is RIGHT for you now and will keep you on your Path to Happiness.





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