So what’s holding you back?

As I write about Baby Steps and the way I have been able to move forward, I think of all the times I’ve had doubts and stalls.

If you experience these moments of inaction and frustration, let me tell you, it’s OKAY!
We all go through them.

There are many reasons why I can stop on my tracks and say: “Am I doing the right thing?”  I want to make sure I don’t make a mistake, I may feel insecure about certain situations or feel intimidated by another… whatever the case, there is nothing to be ashamed of and this is why TheNewHappyme can help!

Doubts and stalls happen at the beginning of the push. Feel confident that when you have acquired momentum, the ride is smoother! So what do you do to get on your way past the first moments of difficulty? You use Baby Steps! OF COURSE!

This reminds me of driving standard. You first start driving in a parking lot, you try to move forward a few feet on first gear, pulling your foot off the clutch veeeerrrryyy slowly. Then, before you have a chance to start pushing on the gaz pedal, clunk-clunk-clunk you stall! SO WHAT!!!! You’re in a parking lot!!! Who cares!!! If someone saw you, what will they say…”huh, just learning to drive…” and???

Your final goal is to be able to feel the car you’re driving, to buy a more economical car or maybe the wild sports car you always dreamt of that doesn’t come in automatic (blasphemy!!) So you look far ahead at that amazing objective and you think… that’s still so far… YA! BUT HEY!!! If you don’t get past that parking lot, you ain’t never gonna be driving that car!!

What can be holding you back? Fear of breaking the car? It won’t.  Fear of making a fool of yourself? Come on…! Not being able to learn? The only way you won’t learn is but not trying!!!

So you continue trying and you stall again…and again, this time stopping after having shifted as high as third.. and then OMG you got it… you start hearing and feeling the engine… What excitement!! You got it! You understand the concept now and the next trials will be easier… Soon you’ll be driving your own car, listening to an engine you will become so comfortable with!!

Next, you go on a quiet street… that’s the next Baby Step.

Then, a busier street…

Then, the main street…

There you go… doesn’t that feel great??

That’s what Baby Steps are all about…

In the next few days, we will look at many reasons you may be holding yourself back, doubting or stalling while trying to move forward towards your goals.  Before you start reading those posts though, take a bit of time to write in your journal. Write down what your major goals, milestones and Baby Steps may be and see if there are any steps that you are not taking. Be honest with yourself to see where you are failing to advance. Don’t try to answer the “why” yet. That’s what we will look at together.


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