Sketching your Vision Board

Here’s a new idea for those of us who enjoy drawing: Vision Boards are all about images that stimulate thought, so what better way to create a Vision Board than to sketch an image in your Journal!

This is particularly helpful for the mini Vision Boards that you can create to work on milestones or smaller goals throughout the year. My suggestion, something I do myself, is to write on the right hand side of the Journal notebook and to make quick notes, write words in bigger letters or sketch an image of my thought on the left hand side. This page looks a lot like a Vision Board once I’m done! I don’t spend too much time on it, but while drawing, my thoughts are focused on the object of my goal. This is an important element of success!

If you work on a digital Journal (on computer), you can insert images inside your content to illustrate your thoughts.  These images will stay in your Journal for as long as you want to go back and review your posts, and they will strengthen your words and content of that day.

One day, I was reading a post by Rori Raye about relationships. An image she described attracted my attention. It was the image of a fountain filled with water, representing a woman. The man was a bucket infinitely filled with water, continuously filling the fountain. As I understood it, this portrayed the ideal dynamics of a couple, where the man feels happy to be contributing to his loved-one’s and the relationship’s needs, and where the woman feels fulfilled and content, overflowing with energy to give back.  I found this image to be quite interesting so I drew it on the left hand side of my Journal, complementing my thoughts on the right.  The image is stuck in my mind ever since!

Sketching is an amazing tool to experiment with. So simple, at no cost and with great potential for helping in achieving success!  Since it involves drawing in your own Journal, for your eyes only that is, you have nothing to lose; try it out. You don’t have to be an accomplished artist to draw a Vision Board! ;)


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