Single mom: stay at home, feel fabulous while making money!

A few months ago, I had an epiphany. I had not yet realized that I had taken on a whole new identity as a single mom. Someone just told me straight out. “Girl, you’re a stay at home single mom!” I had to think twice to believe it!

From hopeless single mom to fabulous single mom!

Yup that’s right. When I worked full-time, I has a hopeless single mom. My favorite expression was, “I’m sick and tired”. Well, I started getting very sick (and worried about who would take care of my kids) and when I wasn’t sick, I was always tired! I created my own reality!

As a single mom I was also always juggling life. I would be juggling the kids’ schedules, I would be juggling meetings, I would be juggling money to keep the banks happy… I was draining my energy with the constant juggling. It was time I dropped the balls!

That’s when I became a stay-at-home mom. I had always seen myself as a professional. I couldn’t identify myself in any other way. Even when I started working from home, I still couldn’t quite detach from my former reality. It took some time, and it took support. I had to change my mindset completely. I didn’t have to be working so hard, running around like a chicken without a head to be making money! Working from home as a stay at home mom was viable if I would accept to make it work for me!

Here is a video that explained some of it to me (I was there in the audience listening to Tracey’s wisdom)

Single stay-at-home mom feels fabulous and makes money!

I had to come around to understanding the concept of making money. There is a whole mindset and attitude attached to that as you may suspect already.

To me, making money required hard work, outside the home… Time to change that idea! I could now stay-at-home AND make money to sustain my family’s lifestyle.

To me, money came with a lot of negatives…

… Money is root of all evil.

… People with money are greedy and evil.

… Money doesn’t buy happiness.

Well the reality was this:

… I can help people and make money.

… I can give to charity when I make money and,

… dammit, lack of money was making me miserable! If I could only have more money to live comfortably!

It took some time to digest this money concept but I came around to it. When I started making money online, as a single mom, while working from home and spending more time with my kids (not juggling my time and feeling exhausted all the time) that’s when I was able to, for the first time in a long time, look in the mirror and say “Girl, you look fine!” YES. I felt FABULOUS!

You can change your life around like this too.

Join me and my team as we coach you and support you through the work at home environment. A few hours a day is all you need to start changing your reality just like I did!

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