Seeing yourself in photos just like in a Mirror

I find it fascinating how we remember our emotional state of mind when we look back at photos from the past.  Photos of the past are just like Mirrors that reflect your then reality inside and out.

I remember seeing photos of the years right after my son was born. He was my second child and by then  my marriage was really in trouble. Actually there aren’t that many photos of those two years prior to the separation. Who would want to keep momentos of a bad era!!! I had gained weight, always carried less than half a smile. I looked awful… just like I felt inside.

What do you remember when you go through old albums?

I was not in a good mood that day, I had just argued with my husband. We had such a great time on vacation, it was great to get away. I really enjoyed my friendship with her, we had a blast together. I looked so tired back then, I wasn’t happy at work… and so on and so forth. I think you get the picture (excuse the pun…)

What is interesting as well is to see evolution in our level of Happiness through the various stages of our life, or through the different changes that have occurred over the years.

Which times have you been happiest?
What contributed to this good period?
When were you not in a happy place?
How did you feel and why?
What does this Mirror reveal about how you were going through your Journey back then?

Check out the photos for hints. Remember your state of mind back then. This information will help you figure out what path is best for you based on experience from your own past.

Yes, I will ask you once again to take out your Journal and write what you discover through this Journey back to your past. Take out photo albums and make it a project to go through all the photos and remember the circumstances of each set.

Although some emotions may wear you down a bit, try to have fun doing this exercise. Remember the good times as well as the the not so good ones. Write whatever comes to you. Let your mind loose to remember everything, to the smallest details.

See if you can feel the happy moments and try to figure out how you can recreate this feeling.

See when things were not as good and if there is still room for change today.

This will help you find a path with at least one Idea to start making changes. From Idea to setting a goal to achieve, you’ll be on your way to Happiness.


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