Secret ingredients to live your dream

I was talking about TheNewHappyMe and my upcoming video series on Goal Setting with a friend of mine, when the conversation took an interesting twist. We didn’t talk about why and how to set goals, we discussed reasons why people just don’t take action even if they go as far as making a plan.

I discussed excuses last weeks in several posts. Excuses are usually given before thinking of a plan. Dreams die with excuses before they are even visualized. I wrote about them to encourage my readers to put excuses aside and allow their dreams to take shape.

There are however secret ingredients to making a dream come true, to be able to live your dream. Even when you have a plan, without these secret ingredients, you risk not going anywhere. Not integrating these secret ingredients in your plan, is a sure way of stopping yourself from living your dream.

Okay, so they’re not so secret. When I name them, you’ll say, ya of course… But I believe that these elements of success are often forgotten and not given the importance they deserve.

So what are these secret ingredients?
Passion – Commitment – Discipline – Hard work - Integrity

These four words represent HUGE concepts. They are not to be taken lightly. Without these, you risk missing an element that may prevent you from reaching your dream. In fact, chances are missing any one of these secret ingredients will take your dream away from you, even if you have made your plan to start your path.

These are words that have become a huge part of MY plan and of TheNewHappyMe. I will take the time to write about them individually in the coming week. Of course, I consider the topic of prime importance!  I hope you will see the relevance of these secret ingredients in your plans for your life dream too.


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2 Responses to “Secret ingredients to live your dream”

  1. Carmen says:

    I cannot agree with you more and I am actually working on putting an introductory video series together for my readers, a full goal setting system with emphasis on commitment, dedication and hard work to achieve goals!
    Thank you very much for your comment! I am very happy to get your feedback and to see how we are on the same wave length! I hope my readers will get inspired by this and the discussions to come.
    On our path to happiness on TheNewHappyMe, we ease into goal setting one baby step at a time. I checked out your program and it looks quite complete. I’d like to check it out one day and make a review of it for my more advanced readers.

  2. I enjoyed your article and agree that there are secret ingredients to achieving your goals,and living your dreams. Many people might have the passion and integrity ingredients, but lack the commitment and willingness to work hard. Most people sail through life without specific goals, and wonder why they haven’t achieved them. Many people are procrastinators by nature and live within their comfort zone. Setting goals, and living your dream requires as mentioned commitment and dedication. A goal setting system might be helpful to your readers.

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