Searching for the right path for me

Searching for the right path, trying to find focus, to see opportunities as they arise and to be able to use them well, I sometimes need to take the time to ground myself, to meditate, to pray.

Knowing what the best plan for me is takes understanding ME and my Path better. I need to clear my head and think of where I am, where I want to go. Smooth sailing or through thunderous storms, I feel the need to express Gratitude above all. Finding a special place where I can go to ground myself in this way was one of the best things I did a decade ago.

From 29 to 39, I experienced many difficulties. Through marital and financial problems, through the search for the right path for me, those years were filled with turmoil, pain and anger. Yet early on, following my mother’s more religious advice and leaning towards my increasingly spiritual side, I went to an outdoor sanctuary 45min from home.

Although this place is actually a church, its outdoor setting gives it a very different flavor. Surrounded by nature, it is the perfect place for meditation. Walking through the woods, I feel the energy of aging trees. I feel in touch with all that is real. It grounds me.

I went there yesterday on my annual “pilgrimage”. Many of my friends were surprised… It may be a unique way to spend one’s birthday. It was my gift to me, to take my children there with me for the start of a wonderful new decade.

The photo is actually at this sanctuary. Many pray to the Virgin Mary as I do myself. My annual pilgrimage there starts with that exact location, where I speak with the one that symbolizes motherhood to me, the one whose name I was given, having been born on Her day. My prayer is always one of Gratitude – Thank you for all the love in my heart, for all the strength in my soul, for wisdom in my decisions and for patience in my endeavors. I ask her to continue guiding me as I choose the right Path for me.

Do you have a special place to go back to, to meditate, to pray, to ground yourself? It can be somewhere you go or even a special corner or room at home you have created for this special purpose. Whether you call this experience religious or spiritual, it helps tremendously in grounding you, finding focus and guiding you to the right path for you.


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2 Responses to “Searching for the right path for me”

  1. I love this one Carmen! Yes, I have my space right outside my office with a beautiful view, special garden with a little Buddha in it, surrounded by grasses, flowers everywhere and birds. Being quiet, doing my journal, and meditating starts my day with gratefulness and peace. I love this spot and when I get really down, I just sit there. One of my friends who was homeless gave me her chairs and thru her I started using this space this way so it has special meaning.

    • Carmen Marie says:

      Wow that sounds lovely! I’d love to have one nearby, in my garden too. My dream is to one day have a cottage in the country where I can set up such an area, with flower beds and a bench, maybe a little pond and a fountain. I’m glad you have your peaceful place Jeanne! I encourage all our readers to find a special place too.

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